root system access

2015, 25' x 6' x 12', Plastic debris, hardware

Root System Access is a term taken from computer science wherein the root level is the top level directory of a system. In making this piece, I wanted to reflect the nature of growth, decision making and empowerment. Root System Access was commissioned for inclusion in an exhibition at the Philadelphia Zoo featuring international artists all working with unconventional repurposed materials. I wanted Root System Access to resonate with the main demographic visiting zoos, (children) so I opted not to add any paint to the piece hoping that the raw material would be more evident. Children come to zoos often holding plastic beverage bottles in their hands that their parents have given them. I was thinking about how to inspire children and pique their curiosity about this material with the ultimate goal of shifting attitudes, beliefs and behaviors so that people can make better decisions.

Photos by Marshall Coles