2015, 11' x 6' x 5', Welded industrial plastic debris, LLDPE

This out door sculpture uses a new technique of welding industrial plastic debris. Made from repurposed old broken fish boxes this piece was created during a month long residency in New Brunswick, Canada where I went with my husband and daughters. My husband and I created the piece together in one month. Fishing is the primary industry in New Brunswick, but the boxes used to transport fresh fish are not able to be recycled on continent. As a result, there are decommissioned fish boxes speckling the landscape in New Brunswick. The title "Dyno" can be seen towards the bottom left of the sculpture. It is the name of the company that manufactured these fish boxes but is now defunct. Dyno is a meditation on the dynamic and mutable nature of things: For example: a glass of water may become part of a cloud over time, or a piece of problematic piece of plastic waste may become a piece of "sustainable" art. The creation of Dyno was commissioned by Kingsbrae Gardens in New Brunswick, Canada.