Sculpture and Intercepting the Waste Stream 

Sculpture + Intercepting the Waste Stream is a college course designed and currently in development by Project Vortex founding artist Aurora Robson. 
This course has the potential to substantially restrict the flow of plastic debris to our oceans while helping students around the world investigate and develop their own sustainable art and design practices. Sculpture + Intercepting the Waste Stream is an introductory sculpture course with a primary focus on transforming waste material into 3 dimensional works of art. The course introduces environmentally conscious techniques and processes as well as guidance in terms of professional presentation and practices.  Group discussions and critiques, video screenings, and readings complement studio time. Students are asked to come to the first day of class with a sizable collection of material they have collected from any “waste stream” which they are inspired to use as a possible medium. The class commences with a river, stream, creek or shore clean up and culminates with a pop-up exhibit of the works created by the students at a public gallery or cultural space. The exhibit also functions as a silent auction/fundraiser.  Proceeds from the sale of the students' sculptures go to continue cleaning up their local waterways.

Robson first taught the course at Mary Baldwin College as the Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Doenges Scholar/Artist in 2012/13 in a 3 week crash course that yielded impressive results. Every piece of student art sold at the silent auction exhibit raising upwards of a thousand dollars forFriends of the Middle River (a local clean up organization). Robson created a blog to chart the progress of the crash course which you can view here.